The day I found a lump

What Happens If You Find A Lump In Your Breast?

Finding a lump can be scary. This is what happened after I found one.

Finding a breast lump

Last Thursday, I had possibly the scariest event happen so far in my illness journey.

I was fast asleep in bed when I had an itch on the underside of my left breast (where your rib cage and bra are).

I went to scratch it when I stopped suddenly. There was something there.

A lump.

I was still half asleep so didn’t think too much of it and fell back to sleep. When I awoke I had completely forgotten about it until I went to put my bra on and realised that it was sore. Then I remembered. Before I went to check again, I was hoping that it would have gone by then, but as my hand moved into the area, and my fingers went over the area, my worst fears were confirmed. It was still there and incredibly painful.

I made a doctor’s appointment straight away to see someone that evening.

I saw a female doctor (not because I asked I’m not that fussy and trust my doctor) but she was the only one available that day.

She had a feel around my breast and told me she could feel the lump I was talking about.

Fortunately, she seemed to think it wasn’t anything sinister and told me it was possibly an abscess or cyst that had formed. This was a huge relief. So she gave me some antibiotics. 1 tablet taken 4 times a day for a week.

She did stress to me though that if the lump changed, or got worse or became more painful I should go back.

Tuesday the following week

Unfortunately, this was now my 5th day of my 7-day course of tablets, and the lump was still very much there.

The pain had subsided somewhat but not completely.

I decided that even though I hadn’t finished my course I would go back to the doctors that day. I would have thought antibiotics would have done something after 5 days.

So off I went back to my regular doctor. Dr Evans.

I told him I had been on antibiotics for just under a week, but they weren’t working.

Due to the male/female scenario, a female nurse was asked to attend while he performed another breast exam.

Found a lump?

Once again, he confirmed he to could feel the lump. He agreed with me that he would have expected it to have improved with antibiotics by now.

This was not the news I wanted to hear.

I think he must have sensed my worry because he followed it up by saying that although the antibiotics haven’t worked, it could still be a deep-rooted abscess or cyst, which may require draining.

This cheered me up a little.

So I have been referred to an emergency breast clinic to undergo further tests. Due to the nature of the problem, they classify most breast lumps as urgent, and I was told my appointment would be within two weeks!

I am hoping to do some form of a live blog or at least a video if possible of my breast screening. Hopefully, so I can show everyone that there is nothing to worry about when attending a clinic.

Even though this is a concerning time, I’m staying positive.

Rather than worrying or complaining, I try to remember there are people always worse off than me.

I am trying to remember this if the news isn’t good.

I keep my fingers crossed anyway!

Found a breast lump?

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