Thyroid Thursday

Thyroid Thursday

I’m going to be starting a new weekly post every Thursday! This will be part of raising awareness for #thyroidthursday.

Each week I will be featuring some of the most inspiring blog posts that I have come across.

So to kick off the very first inspiring blogs for #thyroidthursday I am featuring:

  • Katie Golden on Healthy Women. Katie is American and would have a huge amount of care costs and insurances, that are required to cover her medical bills. However, when the Obama Care bill was passed this made life a lot easier for Katie and others like her. She is now raising awareness and urging people to help #keepthecare .. you can follow Katie’s story using the link above.
  • As part of Talk about prescriptions month, an awareness campaign in the US, Kirsten from Chronic Sex talks openly about the huge amount of side effects that come with many of the medications we use daily. One side effect that is rarely discussed, is the affect medications can have on the libido. As someone who suffers from quite a low libido myself, most probably caused by the medications I take, I think this is something that should be discussed more openly and frequently.
  • I have absolutely loved Cheyanne’s blog Princess Crowns & Hospital Gowns, ever since I first came across it on the chronic illness bloggers network. I absolutely love her blog layout and the style, but more so i love the content. Cheyanne has many illnesses and her writing, in general, is inspirational and so is her story. I urge anyone to check her out.

These are my 3 inspirational blogs for this week.

Come back next Thursday to check out more!

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