Just for you, Valentine: Try this Body-Love Elixir.

Some weeks, I’m in my local Whole Foods more than I am my own kitchen.

I just love how I feel when I’m walking through the aisles. Everywhere I look there’s local food, conscious marketing of delicious things, and affirmations in just the right places.

Like this banner, hanging over my head in the checkout line:

Treat Your Body Like it Belongs to Someone You Love.


So while you’re booking reservations for Saturday night’s dinner and shopping for V-Day cards at Walgreens, how about treating your body with a little extra lovin’ too?

I’ll get you started with this body-love elixir. Use it within your own ritual or invite your lucky Valentine to join you.

My hope?

That you’ll use every bit of this celebrated day of love to bring yourself into deeper union with the truer-than-true love of the divine!

Create your own body-love ritual this Valentine’s Day.

To create your own body-love elixir:

Choose a carrier oil as pure as you can find.

Grapeseed, sesame, or a lighter olive oil works wonders for the skin. And don’t even get me started on coconut oil! Whatever you have on hand is great, especially if it’s high quality. (Don’t worry if it’s the oil you use on the daily for bread dipping… the real magic will be how you infuse it.)

Create your own essential oil blend.

In my home, essential oils are everything. I use them for first aid, diffuse them in my bedroom to wind down the day, and even create a pre-coffee ritual with a few drops in my water.

For your body-love elixir, you’ll want to choose an essential oil based on what your body is most wanting to release and receive. Not sure? Ask it! But here’s a few darling options:

  • Rose (for compassion and unconditional love);
  • Roman Chamomile (for forgiveness);
  • Jasmine (for gratitude);
  • Lavender (for healing);
  • Marjoram (for healing of grief)

Scout your home for a container that holds meaning for you.

You’ll want an extra special container to hold your elixir. For me, this is an abalone shell. It’s the ultimate manifestation of how I actually see my body: iridescent and multi-colored on the inside, and beautifully imperfect on the outside. It’s been tossed and turned in the ocean for many years, but through this process, its true beauty shines through. Perfect, right?

For you, this could be a simple mason jar that you paint upon. Or perhaps an antique perfume bottle. Whatever captures your eye and heart, go with it.

Put it all together with a ritual.

What’s a ritual but a pausing of time and space for beauty’s sake? Rituals are too often undervalued, but are a primal part of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. Secrets are found. Stories are reborn. The debris of everything untrue gets cleared away just by creating space for it to happen.

Before you use your elixir, create room for magic. For me, I like placing my bedroom altar in front of my mirror so I can see into my soul as I pray and connect. This would be a perfect place for a body-love ritual. Take your shower or bath. Light some candles. Burn your incense. Stand or lay down in a circle of rose petals. Make it as holy as you want.

Pour your carrier oil and a few drops of your essential blend into your specially-chosen vessel. Pour, rub, drip or dab on your beautiful body as you speak the kindest words you can to yourself.

Psst. These Love-Joy affirmations can work miraculously. Speak them aloud and feel which ones provide the best medicine:

My body is a safe place to grow.

My body is a sturdy vessel for love.

My body is worthy and desired.

My body is rich and alive.

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite way to give your body extra love? Even more, what do you find your body wanting more of? Share below!

Happy love day, everyday.


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Tiffany Josephs is the Creator of The Love-Joy Practice and is a compassionate luminary for lady visionaries. As a writer, speaker, and personal guide, she gently lights the way for creative and pioneering women to adorn their hearts and bodies with profound, world-changing love and feel more joy in every area of their life.

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