Make Time for Your Family, They Really Miss You

Make Time for Your Family, They Really Miss You

Business owners, Make time for your family, they really miss you. Are you one of the many business owners in the world striving to make your business successful? Of course you are, and you may well think that is a really daft question, but at what expense are you pushing to bet get success? When was the last time you spent quality time with your family? Beware business owners. If you don’t make time for your family and spend quality time with them, you may lose them forever.

If you don’t make time for your family, you may lose them forever.

Your Family needs you

While you are pursuing your business goals, you need to make time for your family goals too, and be able to integrate the two. I appreciate that it can be difficult to achieve, but you need to remember that your family needs you and also needs to spend time with you. It is all well and good to be working for the family, but in reality it’s the quality time you spend with them that they remember. Slaving away for hours at your business will not make memories. Being in your family’s presence, interacting and initiating activities with them will!!

One of the reasons you work so hard at making your business successful is to be able to provide for your family and that is a great reason, but if you constantly work eighteen hours a day every day, you will never make time for your family. Working nine till five is both normal and ok. It’s when you are spending more time at work and leaving the family on their own, that it becomes a problem for all of you. You need to learn how to balance work and family life.

Working extended hours in your business should be the exception rather than the rule.

Your family appreciates the time you work. They may not show it in a way that you want them to. But the more time spent away from your loved ones, the harder it becomes to understand them and really be able to communicate with them. When you are away from them, they are away from you. The lines of communication begin to erode and you cannot even be sure that you know them anymore.

Getting to know a person takes time. If you have children, every day they are growing and changing. Their tastes in music, what kind of food they eat, and even the words they use change. If you don’t make time for your family, you fall behind and get out of synch with what’s happening within your family and eventually you grow apart. It is imperative that you are there for them, both physically and mentally. It will make a world of difference in how your family interacts.

Make a Start

Setting priorities is the first step towards balancing your business and your family commitments. Make time for your family by agreeing not to work on weekends, and taking time off for special events like school plays, parents evenings, that dance show that means so much to your daughter, the football match that means so much to your son. Taking this time out demonstrates that these times are valuable to you and shows your family that you value them as well.

Setting priorities is the first step towards balancing your business and family commitments.

By keeping set working hours and working overtime occasionally, but not making it a habit, you show your family that your work is important to you and they need to respect that, and respect you as well.

If there is an emergency, whether it is the family or at work, you show that it is ok to put more focus and spend more time on the emergency at hand and that it is important, too. You family and your business will understand that special circumstances are ok to focus on when needed.

It’s not easy to make time for your family and achieving a balance between work and family takes thought, but it is easy to achieve once you set it up from the beginning.

I explore this subject further in my bestselling book “Business owners: Your family misses you” I wrote the book with one thought in mind and that is to enable small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to better balance their business and family commitments in a way that allows them to feel fulfilled and guilt free.

If you would like a copy it’s available in print and kindle editions on Amazon

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Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor

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