Why You Need to Take Time Out for Rest and Relaxation

Why You Need to Take Time Out for Rest and Relaxation

Eva was a business owner but felt in a rut. Boredom and fatigue were her constant companions and she couldn’t seem to shake it off. “Why do I feel so bored and tired all the time?” She couldn’t explain it.

Things were going well with the business, she was getting plenty of sleep. Knowing that there must be a reason for this listlessness, Eva set out to solve her problem. Improving her diet made no difference. Cutting out caffeine made her feel worse. She spent time searching the internet and tried every idea she came across to gain some energy.

But none of it worked and in desperation she made an appointment to see her doctor to discover the source of this ailment. The doctor took some blood and said she would send them away for testing. Eva was told to come back for the results in a few days.

Eva returned to the surgery a few days later, feeling a little nervous, this was made worse, when she was asked to see a specialist who went by the name of The Time Doctor.

The doctor came in. “So, you’re feeling a bit rundown?” he asked.

Eva nodded. “I’ve tried everything, but I just can’t get over it.”

“Have you tried a holiday?” asked The Time Doctor

“I’m sorry?” Eva said. “A holiday?”

“Yes, when was the last time you took a break? Even for a day. Rest and relaxation often helps to ease tension.”

Take time out for you, just a few hours rest and relaxation often helps to ease tension

Eva left The Time Doctor’s office feeling puzzled. She wasn’t tense, was she? But she didn’t know what else to do, so she told her business colleague that she was taking a short holiday. To say she was surprised was an understatement as Eva never took time off. Eva spent five days at the beach doing whatever she wanted. She read a great book, went swimming, and watched the sunset every evening.

Eva felt her tiredness melting away as she relaxed on the beach, and the good feeling didn’t go away when she got back home. When she returned to her business, Eva found that her vacation had left her energized and feeling great!

Rest and Relaxation is just what The Time Doctor ordered!

Reflections from why you need to take time out for rest and relaxation

Why is it that we must be ordered to take a break and relax? Unfortunately, in this day and age, taking time out for rest and relaxation is just not in the value system that we buy into!

We should make rest and relaxation one of our top values.

We all need balance in our lives. Like Eva, when we work hard and constantly, we may be very productive and on top of our tasks. But if we don’t take time out for rest and relaxation, we can end up on the down side of the productivity curve pretty quickly.

if you don’t take time out, you’ll fall off the productivity curve pretty quickly

Just like Eva, we probably won’t even recognize that we’re tense and up tight. Working hard and fast and consistently is common to all those around us. We never see our coworkers taking time out for a holiday or relaxing at home for a day. But even if we don’t see it, the most content and productive of our coworkers are creating time for personal relaxation.

The most content and productive people create time for personal relaxation.

Holidays come in many forms. You could take an extended break and rest for several days at a time, letting normal routine melt away completely. But if longer time off isn’t a possibility for you on a regular basis, try the tactic that many employ: take one day a week, or a few hours of the day, for rejuvenating yourself. Read a good book, take a walk, or spend a leisurely afternoon with a loved one. Watch that movie you’ve been putting off, or plan an overnight trip.

Take one day a week, or a few hours of the day, for rest and relaxation, you’ve earnt it

Look at your life and think about your level of tension. Do you set aside time to relax regularly? Are you stressed without really noticing it? Give yourself a break and it will repay you many times over in increased contentment and greater productivity.

Self-reflection Questions:

  1. How long has it been since I took a break, even for a day or a weekend?
  2. What do I really enjoy doing for rest and relaxation that I’ve been putting off because I don’t have the time?
  3. Are the tension and stress in my life so great that they’re affecting my mood? The way I treat others? My productivity?

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