Two words that stop 90% developers in their tracks: Vendor Lock-in.
Andrew McLagan

I have a few ways to respond to that:

  • I recently heard Forrester say that “Vendor Lock in” is a relic of the times when you had long contracts and your services got more expensive and worse. In the cloud-native world your contracts are month to month, and your service keeps getting better and cheaper.
  • There’s nothing preventing you from leaving the ecosystem. BigQuery specifically lets you export all your data, and BigQuery is Standard SQL, so conversion is easy.
  • A customer of mine discussed how OSS Big Data tooling is incredibly complex to operate well, creating market inefficiencies — his take is cloud-native No-Ops is the future. Why tinker with complexity when solutions are already there? Why lock yourself into a knowledge base of technology that requires tinkering?
  • I saw you’ve blogged about AWS Lambda in the past :)
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