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10/10 on “The Knibbsy!” I totally get what you are saying, Kate Knibbs. Some ideas and thoughts are JUST BAD (including the Earth being only 5,000 years old — sorry Jesse). Allowing or encouraging them in the name of “ideological diversity” doesn’t cut it. But you know what else doesn’t cut it? These students turning off middle-of-the-road voters by assaulting people on campuses. It’s very “This is why they (conservatives in this case) hate us.”


Sidebar: I was thinking the other day that the conservative media is sort of like the Superbowl Championship T-shirts that get made for the losing team. Sean Hannity, et. al. sees some kid in a disaster area (e.g. Haiti, where these shirts end up as donation) on b-roll film in the editing room, and then says — “The Falcons won the Superbowl. I know it’s true — look, that kid is wearing a T-shirt that says so!”

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