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A BILLION out of 10 on “The Knibbsy!” #It’sSOKnibbsy!! I am a huge Val Kilmer fan too, Kate Knibbs! Glad to see love out there for “Spartan,” but arguably his best movie was “Thunderheart,” and it needs to be 1) Mentioned, and 2) Seen by all. Set around some of the mysterious scandals and murders on Indian Reservations in the 1970s, he plays an FBI agent who happens to be of Native American descent he doesn’t embrace. He’s sent in to assist a craggy-as-usual Sam Shepherd on a murder investigation in the South Dakota Badlands, and, of course — discovers more than he bargained for! (including, of course, himself!).

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is also an underrated classic with he and the pre-Iron Man celebrity RDJr. solving a local L.A. crime (brought to you by Shane Black, who just did The Nice Guys).

And of course, those of us committed “Psychos” where so glad to see him pop up in that show’s Series Finale.

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