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Alison, I get your point here is largely that this needed have been a product of the streaming revolution portion of the “Platinum Age” of television (you guys seem to call it “Peak.”) But can I just Woody rant for a second?

Imagine a world where Bonnie Hunt (let’s just say) continued to make barely 90 minute movies, insisted on acting in them, and casting a series of even lower-in-age muses (well, she keeps aging, they keep staying the saaaame aaaaage)[who all seem dying to “work with him”] to toy with? She would be absolutely skewered. It’s time to put Woody out to ANYTHING BUT PASTURE, but perhaps neuter what he is and isn’t allowed to do. And why hasn’t anyone ever had the guts to say, “New York, Nebbishy, too old for the girl, too East Coast for others to get it — yeah, that’s been done?!?!” Why? The last good thing Woody did was “Fading Gigolo,” and thank God he just acted in it. It was John Turturro directed (despite being all of those same things). I don’t know. Perhaps the “perspective guy” is right. I’m too much of an Angeleno.

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