Stop white knighting there champ.
Corey Brewer

Corey Brewer, hey there, “Teddy Broosevelt,” you probably missed the part where I said, “ So, while I want her head on a spike as much as anyone…” before going into your guzzling profile pic’s predictable “war on white males” defense. I would really love to know how it’s sexist to see Cersei as just as flawed, ruthless — certainly unlikable — but also cunning and fearless as some other characters who are revered, but who have equally slain hundreds, or committed awful acts of betrayal? Riddle me that one, white knight guy. ’Cause that’s all I was trying to say. Not start a culture war with the easily threatened.

E.g., Is Tyrion, everyone’s favorite drunken counselor, a “madman?” Why not? He boiled thousands of men in ships ready to invade Kings Landing… he killed his former lover, and murdered his father and nephew, all while seemingly taking every opportunistic side possible in the last 6 years. No, of course he’s not mad. He’s a favorite of mine as much as the next person. Why? Because he’s got panache and knows how to play the game.

So you can call Cersei DESPERATE, to be sure, but does a “madwoman” turn down a 1,000 ships with thousands of men and a marriage proposal? Likely not. Cersei wants to see Euron Greyjoy prove his loyalty, and will likely be able to do so while adeptly avoiding marriage anyway … so… keep downing them, braaa.