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Danny, as a Chiefs fan, who knows all to well Marcus’ tendencies and benefits, I will say this article is incredibly fair, and maybe even a bit in 22's favor. Bravo and thank you for covering him.

But given we have explosive players like Marcus, Eric Berry, new fan favorite Dee Ford (a “sub” for Justin Houston who we’ll need to keep in the lineup), Spencer Ware running the ball, Tyreek Hill catching and returning the ball with joyful energy, and a competent, continuously underrated LEADER in Alex Smith (who loves binging TV shows!)… how can one possibly consider the Chiefs boring? We’ve come back from two 17 point deficits to win in just 9 weeks of football. We beat the (new media darling) Raiders in Oakland.

If we can succeed in these next few weeks, 2 of which on the road and 1 of those being Sunday night in Denver … I hope it will be time for you and others to admit we’re not just a “sneaky good” football team, but are actually enjoyable football.