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David Shoemaker, wow, missed opportunity not going with “Killing O’Halloran.”

I’m sticking with my entry from last October (granted, the budgets were different)

‘Stockholm Syndrome’

Felix Norstrom (Joel Kinnaman), a Swedish Olympic Medalist who enjoyed a successful 16 year career with the Minnesota Wild, is now running the team’s front office and living the underrated Minneapolis life. Enter a series of hangers-on and others who want to profit from their relationship with Felix, including brother Keifer (Aaron Paul), who is “neputized” into an amorphous role with the Wild, demanding and intrusive mother Sonya (Geena Davis, in her “Long Kiss Goodnight” blond), and his agent, Bill Tate (Jeffrey Wright), who wants to keep the gravy train rolling with ridiculous local endorsements. James Marsden and Gina Rodriquez play his married, wacky upscale condo building neighbors, who always bring by a string of eccentric relatives and friends to meet and pitch Felix their own nonsense.

NETWORK (pick one)

$10: CBS

GENRE (pick one)

$5: Comedy

STYLE (pick one)

$3: Single-camera (a la The Office)

SETTING (pick one)

$2: Generic workplace
 $2: Home/apartment

LOCATION (pick one)

$4: Minneapolis (Any other major American city)

TALENT (pick at least one)

$4 each: Geena Davis (Commander in Chief), Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), Paul (BB, Path)
 $3: each: Kinnaman (Killing, HOC), Wright (Westworld), Marsden (Westworld)

MISCELLANY (not required)
 $2: (Sure, why not) — Scenes set in restaurant/coffee shop