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Donald Trump is the CREEPIEST of buffoons. Can we talk for a minute about his slithering around the stage, stalking and often peering over HRC’s shoulder? His crazy looks and “lip smooch face?” Ugh. He was, indeed, waltzing about like a most predatory figure indeed. This guy doesn’t even deserve to be in the same SENTENCE as Hillary Clinton, let alone run for President.

Those of you who have bought in to the false equivalency of “yeah, but she’s worse?” Uhhhhhhh … NO, SHE’S NOT. You’re supporting a VERY DANGEROUS narcissist who would drive this country off a cliff just to make his penis feel big. He literally is Martin Sheen’s Character from the original “The Dead Zone” movie, staring Christopher Walken.

And no, the debate moderators and media in general aren’t out to “get” Trump. If anything, they have let him get away with TONS of bullshit for almost 2 years. See, moderators are SUPPOSED to try and reign in politicians who are veering way off course. That’s not “biased.” That’s doing their job. And your candidate is a babbling idiot with NO IDEAS OF HOW TO ACTUALY IMPROVE THE COUNTRY.

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