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First of all, this is an excellent piece and definitely invites a good deal of sympathy for these broadcasters. I would say empathy, but the one thing as an Angelino I hope my fellow residents will finally admit is the Rams didn’t leave L.A. the same way they left St. Louis. One has to remember that the Rams moved down to play in Anaheim Stadium YEARS before moving to St. Louis. They really weren’t L.A.’s team anymore. Sure, some fans may have driven down for games, but they were soon no more an L.A. team than the Angels, with whom they then shared a stadium. I honestly think had they left and the Raiders stayed, that 1–2 punch of departures would have been met far more “ho-hum” than the Rams alone skipping town. Sure there were die-hards and I don’t speak for them or their disappointment 20+ years ago. But they really had already drifted from Los Angeles proper years before leaving So. Cal. as a whole. And we as Angelinos need to remember that when we feel St. Louis’ pain.

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