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I know Alyssa is probably going with the “little white lie” angle because it’s a bit more whimsical and tongue-in-cheek. Ergo — more clicks and reads. And funnier “gotcha” stories about friends. But I also know that she’s whip-smart and could have written about the very real danger this kind of stuff is to our constitutional civil liberties (a.k.a — the real story). In the next week or so, the FCC decides the future of Net Neutrality. But who’s to say future votes won’t include requiring Snap and other companies from forking over this data to find YOU or someone you care about? And for those of you who think drone-deliveries from Amazon, etc. will be “really cool,” … just wait until the government requires them to share all camera footage from the drone — with you on it!

Now, some of you might be resigned to the fact that “there’s no real privacy anymore anyway, so who cares.” But when there ARE technologies we can avoid to preserve at least the level of privacy we have now, shouldn’t we try? Especially before we just casually un-employ every UPS and FedEx driver out there?

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