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I love the people who are complaining about Kaepernick and other players taking a knee as the problem. You haven’t let brutal, brain-injury inducing play stop you from watching, but you’re going to let a little harmless protest to merely raise awareness of an important issue stop you? Nice. Stay classy.

And here’s this for your consideration … I know we all love our patriotic displays during pre-game and halftime. Me included. But have you Kaep-haters EVER once looked up at that bomber and asked how much that fly by is costing each of us? Or where that bomber is SUPPOSED to be right now?! :) Aren’t you all supposed to be the defenders of our tax dollars? Kaepernick is affecting your lives ZERO amount. Why don’t you be a REAL patriot and say, “thanks, but save the Dept. of Defense budget, a good game is good enough for me.”

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