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I love this. The perfect “Friday read” while I’m waiting for everyone who owes me work to get it to me (which is a lot… which is why I live on The Ringer).

Aaron P. Williams raises a fun question, and I hope Sam Donsky is reading from wherever he’s been hiding this week (Rio?) so we can get the Franco v. Hemsworth Wars going. My vote is that one doesn’t have to chose, but if I had to, I would decide like this: which pair of brothers, if I was lucky enough to hang out with them for a weekend, would be the most fun but would never get us so far as to have something happen to ME? HEMSWORTHS. The Franco’s strike me as a pair who have all kinds of dangerous fun and nothing ultimately happens to them, but one of their entourage (it would end up being me) would somehow get arrested or die.

p.s. Machine Gun Kelly. What an interesting dude. He’s pretty good at hoops if Roadies is any indication. And did he just “pull a Sting” and insist everyone call him Machine Gun Kelly instead of “Rich Baker?” If so, why don’t we all just make up our own cool moniker and insist everyone call us by it? “Hi, are you Todd Flora?” Uh, no my dear, please refer to me as “Silly Putty McGoo.”

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