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I write in defense of Jason Bourne. I was thoroughly entertained every minute of this film. And while I do get that it takes a while for most fans to realize Supremacy ISN’T the weak link in the franchise, but may very well be at or near it’s best … I think there is plenty of plot and dialogue in Jason Bourne to merit a much stronger review as well. Point by point:

  1. The “facebook stand in” plot line: in 2002, there was no facebook. The Patriot Act was an infant. Jason Bourne, therefore, is a movie of OUR times, where everything — even security — is tied to tech, and the wrestling match between security and privacy/civil liberties is ALWAYS an interesting conversation. If it isn’t — than why did you all so love “Cap: Civil War” so much? It can’t just be because of the outfits.
  2. Vikander — the cute little SWEDE is Chris Rock’s new Jude Law… she’s EVERYWHERE. And the woman can act. Her character is the ultimate opportunist who we root for AND against all in the same 123 minutes. A very strong performance and interesting character going forward for Bourne 6(?)
  3. The father backstory — how is this not a respectable key ingredient? The introduction of his father and his role in Treadstone, and the not-going-to-spoil-other stuff about it serves up the ultimate foil for Bourne’s ENTIRE MOTIVATION to have initially joined the project!! How can you make an already tortured, reformed assassin even more tortured? Flip the script 180 degrees on misplaced motivation. DONE. And done well.
  4. Double Revenge — Damon and Cassel (is there anyone that DOESN’T think he should do more American movies?!) each have it in for each other for different reasons. It’s not cat-and-mouse. It’s rage vs. revenge x 10.
  5. The action — Zach Snyder would be jealous of the destruction of property and overall jolts and chases taking place here. No one could have possibly been bored by the chase scenes in this movie, which almost make the famous chase scene in Ronan look like a hobo.
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