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  1. I’m going with “Never” for $400, Alex
  2. Micah Peters, Noah Davis, Ryan O'Hanlon, Zach Kram … hey guys. As a small market supporter, do you think I’ll ever see headlines like the following (3.-7.)? Not asking with sarcasm — actually and sincerely trying to manage expectations
  3. “The EPL’s Relegation Darlings” (a frequent “relapsers” storyline)
  4. “Stuck in Europa with You” (those teams that are considered good, but always seem to finish 5–7)
  5. In that same spirit, what it will take (list steps or moves you would make) to get them into the top 4
  6. “Middle of the Pack,” (teams that are never relegation bait but are never taken as a serious Champions or Europa threat, either)
  7. A Derby article for some of the lesser-known rivalries (e.g. Newcastle/Sunderland or Bournemouth/Southampton)
  8. Profiles on at least respected players from smaller markets? (maybe their a big[ger] deal in ___________ (country)


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