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#It’sSoKnibbsy! Great job, Kate. I’ll go 8/10 on “The Knibbsy.” Docking a modest 2 points simply for continuing to give these crazy nuts your attention. I mean, yes, it’s interesting, and the craziness makes for a good read. And yes, you cover technology. But here’s my biggest beef — live extensively longer to what end? If you do another chapter on this, err… “special population of people,” Kate Knibbs, challenge their goals on a “nobility scale.” If they’re goal is just to live longer, for longer-living’s sake, than they have exposed themselves as practicing a deeply unspiritual and selfish exercise to me. If they are able to give any number of answers along the following lines, than fine. A) I want to live longer to work on solving ______ (fill in social or policy challenge). B) I want to live longer because I really didn’t get my shit together in life until I was 50 and now I love being ________ (e.g. a Veterinarian, therapist, bartender with good advice. Whatever), and I want to be able to do that a little longer. C) I had my children when I was a bit older, and would love to live longer to get to know my grandchildren as adults, etc. Sure, some may still be a bit selfish, but at least they have a goal other than merely “beating death,” which is another of God’s gifts for those of us who are believers (but not crazy), and who want to experience a blissful afterlife (I think I’ve got a chance. Fingers crossed!) So that, my dearest Kate, is my request for any potential Chapter 3.

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