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Jon, VERY well written. You convey your personal experiences with the President incredibly well. As for the debate, I can only pray that the moderators are willing to actually do their jobs and even challenge Trump the way Candy Crowley (who is NOT a Democrat, I can tell you) was willing to settle the “call/not call it terror” issue in 2012. It was the only way that debate could move forward with facts instead of continued mystery.

But even if they ARE willing, Trump still has a play. Because he’ll throw so much crap out there that Lester Holt can’t possible challenge him on most of it, lest he feeds Trump’s view that the media are in HRC’s pocket.

That, and given the expectations game and the media’s double-high wall standard for HRC, and almost tunnel low expectation of Trump, we literally need Trump to implode so badly, and HRC to be flawless and charming for her to be considered the “winner.” … and it has to happen 3 times, with Fox News moderating the 3rd and Final.

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