Thank you for your response.
Mercer Atreides

Michael, you say, “it sounds good to say that women are treated unfairly in the workplace or that minorities are oppressed by a racial hierarchy. When looking at facts and the numbers, however, you find discrepancies and alternate reasons for disparities in society.”

You know what I do instead of look at cold numbers in this case?(one of those big numbers being equal pay for equal work, regardless of “negotiating skills” issues and self worth reasons) I listen to what women say about how they have been treated in the workplace. A LOT of unfairness out there — worse in some industries than others (e.g. sports journalism) And to not recognize a good 4 centuries worth of racial biases against minorities in the workplace (a good many of which included SLAVERY), I just think is intellectually dishonest to yourself.

But thanks for hanging in there with me and offering more of your mind. I hope we can exchange some thoughts from time to time. I’m in L.A. You?

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