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More predictable conservative complaints. You want US to stop whining and get over things? Take a look in the mirror. How about all you folks get over the fact that The Ringer might always disappoint you politically, because they don’t hire angry a-holes who want to “put a boot” in everyone’s ass. Take your macho bullshit elsewhere. It’s no more The Ringer’s job to be fair and balanced than it is for your precious right-wing/fake news sites/stations.

Rob was merely writing about a real reaction to the ’00s/Bush-War years. Would you deny/revise history to claim that Green Day, et. al. WEREN’T releasing Bush protest albums? Did we just make it up? Or do you just resent the fact that they did, and The Ringer is reporting/reminiscing about it?

p.s. And Toby Keith is an ignoramus P.O.S.

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