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Sam, great topic, and fun guys to talk about. But a few things:

  1. The small — A) Cooper has been well known to movie goers as Sack Lodge since 2005’s huge hit, Wedding Crashers (No, I can’t believe it’s 11 years old either considering it gets an annual viewing). B) He did Wedding Crashers, Yes Man (supporting, to be sure), Hangover, She’s Just Not that Into You, and A-Team all prior to 2011. I realize you point to 2011 as his bonofied star year. This may be true. I think it was actually the year he simply stopped playing total dicks (Crashers, Not into You, Hangover [people forget that Phil was a selfish piece of shit])… or at least more complex characters, including… C) Get offered a respectable David O’Russell tri-fecta (ok, 2, but Joy wasn’t “bad-bad.”). Bradley Cooper was also in.
  2. The meta — Stars in their 40s not knowing what to do next, and certainly limited in how long they can do action or mans-man roles? Have you MET Clint Eastwood and “65 is the new 35” kick-ass Liam Neeson? Hollywood doesn’t punish older men. Only older women, let’s never forget that in our machismo existence. These guys are going to have plenty of choices for a long time to come. Sure, their choices may change. But let’s not fear for them just yet.
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