That flexibility outweighs the loss of benefits, in my opinion.
Todd Flora & Eric Mowery: I have two problems with that next sentence.
Charlie Walters

They are counting on you to think this. It’s just further assault on workers to profit the executives at the top. And it isn’t just greedy corporations. Few public colleges hire “Associate Professors” anymore. They’ll hire you as an “adjunct” or “lecturer” so they don’t have to pay benefits or God forbid set you on a tenure track. All of these things being sold as “saving” the middle class are chipping away at the New Deal notion of a job and a pension/401k. YES… if I’m out of work I would need to consider driving Lyft (never Uber. Gag), and am glad it’s there. But don’t kid yourself. This is a very unprogressive encroachment on the New Deal.