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This is awesome. Wow — very creative and persuasively plausible in a lighthearted way.

King Arthur is interesting to me because of who made up the team and how much bigger it might be today at each actor’s current level of stardom/recognition. Besides Clive, you’ve got Hannibal guys Mads Mikkelsen (who went on to play one of the great Bond Villains) and Hugh Dancy (who is married to psychologically challenged/kick-ass brilliant Carrie Mathison), England’s version of Chris Noth known as Ray Stevenson, who excelled on Dexter and now pals around with Thor, Ioan Gruffud, who has struggled with American TV but is very recognizable, Joel Edgerton — the latest Aussie taking the movie world by storm, and the always reliable Ray Winstone, who 3 years later would play Beowulf (albeit looking much more like a cartoon Brian Bosworth). Hell, Merlin is even played by Stannis Baratheon, which should please our writer J.C.

When I visited Ireland in 2006, we had a driver take us around County Wicklow, and he took us to the lake that was frozen over for that key scene in Arthur. Very interesting and beautiful.

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