The problem with both YOU and THEM is that you’ve all separated yourselves like you’re about to…
Theron Daniel White

Yes, I agree. I used to be much more diplomatic. But “down here” in the States, we have an ever-shrinking middle (moderates). So more often than not, I don’t run into people who need up until election day to decide who to vote for. We have one group of people getting left-leaning (but largely accurate) news, and another group of people getting right-pounding news that paints a bizarro narrative of the truth (yes, I know this statement is completely biased … said with a bit of tongue-in-cheek). We used to have something called “The Fairness Doctrine,” which forced news networks to represent both sides and present very objective news, or at least present the news objectiveLY. Reagan had our Federal Communications Commission get rid of it, and like 2 years later Fox News popped up.

On top of that, Congressional Districts have been increasingly drawn to be “safe.” So there is no incentive for members of congress or state legislators to be moderate. They are extra-liberal and extra-conservative so that they don’t face a primary challenge, and their rhetoric is filtering down to the public.

You also have to understand that 65 MILLION of us don’t just see this as another George W. Bush … what we are feeling right now, and how we are lashing out, comes from nothing sort of TRAUMA. And anybody who wants to argue with me to say, “Trump will settle down” or just become another Republican didn’t see today’s press conference, and doesn’t realize that the Republicans now control EVERY BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. And it’s my own Party’s fault for going lax on 50-state organizing after Howard Dean stepped down as DNC Chair after the ’08 win and (wouldn’t you know it, despite liking him) Tim Kaine — who was already busy being a NEW Governor, took over as DNC Chair. Since then, we’ve lost 1,000 state and other important offices down ballot, and the GOP has almost enough governors to start passing constitutional amendments. So getting a grip is a bit harder than it looks from up there.

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