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  1. You bet your ass I “got a little misty” hearing Logan understand the feeling of finally being able to die, and dying. LOVE that Laura turned the cross into an X… NOT a religious snub. In fact, since Logan wasn’t much of a believer, it was even more appropriate. Also, given the fact that this guy was born before America was a nation, the pain he’s suffered throughout the years for all the friends / family he has lost really broke the dam in this one. I think I finally got why he preferred being a loner before meeting Rogue, and why he was reluctant to accept Storm, Jean, Rogue, et. al. as “family.” But, he ultimately did. And thus he ultimately felt the pain of loneliness that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
  2. UH, HUGH JACKMAN is the one deserving a statue. Of course, this is March, and it will be considered a popcorn movie/comic book movie. But as an actor, Jackman gave Wolverine/Logan his all in this goodbye tale.
  3. At the same time, the fact that the best, most idealistic, and noble X-Men of them all, Professor X, had an unceremonious death (no last speech?!) and is simply buried in the woods “somewhere in middle America” just royally pisses me off. The man deserves statues worldwide.
  4. Also shaking my optimism to it’s foundations is that I now have to look at every X-Men property now as an exercise in futility. Well, don’t get me wrong — I’m glad that Apocalypse isn’t ruling the world in 2029 — but that all of Charles’s work and everything the X-Men fought for over the years was for naught?! So pissed — they can’t make another X-Men movie PRE-2029 now because who would see it knowing whatever they do, the Mutants lose and are never accepted?!
  5. I WOULD however, go see a movie about the “Goonie Mutants,” I mean the kids that escaped into Canada, including Laura.
  6. On violence: It made it a true, tough “western” more than anything else. Finally the “A Team” version of comic book films, where people get beat up but are never savagely killed, had its veil lifted. Bravo. And there is no comparing this, perhaps “sensible carnage” to the senseless “property damage and demolition tour” Zach Snyder can’t keep himself from delivering in every film.
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