A Letter to the Electoral College

At least one Elector in the Electoral College has decided not to cast his vote for Trump, against the will of the electorate. There is a tool to reach out the Electors in the Electoral College to make your views known. Find it here.

Below is what I wrote and just emailed directly to the Electors.

Dear Electors,

As you know, Alexander Hamilton wrote in reference to the choice of President, that you, the Electors, are “most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”

Trump lost the popular vote, but I do not believe that alone is sufficient not to award him the presidency.

I implore you, however, as you execute your solemn responsibility to do as Hamilton said, not to elect Donald Trump as President. He is the wrong person for the job. His presidency would likely result in shameful misery and loss of life, both at home and abroad. There is a real danger that his presidency would put this country on a path to destroy the freedoms we cherish and which are enshrined in the Constitution. Mr. Trump’s actions since the election show without doubt that i) he does not understand or respect the Constitution, ii) he does not understand his new job, iii) he lacks basic moral character, ethics and integrity, and iv) his personality and temperament are highly unsuited for the office.

There is much evidence for these four, but to keep this letter brief I will highlight just a few of Trump’s actions.

He incited violence among his supporters to murder another candidate, and promised to ‘lock her up’ when elected. Under what possible interpretation of the rule of law would this be appropriate? We are not living in North Korea. He also promised to order the military to commit war crimes.

He isn’t even President yet and he has already caused diplomatic incidents with China/Taiwan and India/Pakistan, by not following the advice of the State Department. He invited his daughter, who runs his business, to a diplomatic meeting in Japan at which business was discussed. He also said “The President can’t have a conflict of interest.”

He has hired people for senior posts who have written or retweeted fake news stories. He has himself lied to an unprecedented degree and has made serious allegations without providing any evidence for them.

He reflexively insults people, especially minorities (for example mocking a disabled reporter); but he responds badly to insults — for example by tweeting about a TV show parodying him being ‘sad’. Can we afford to have a man in office whose ego is that important to him?

What would be the impact of a Trump presidency? He could easily cause a major war, resulting in significant loss of life. Thermonuclear war is not inconceivable given his temperament. He could cause such a major setback to the fight against the (now-proven) problem of global warming that global temperatures spiral out of control with the loss of literally billions of lives. He could send us into a deep recession with his thoughtless policies.

Trump’s most dangerous traits are his disregard for the truth and his terrifying lack of respect for the institutions on which our democracy rests. I could continue. Others have, at some length. One site even published a list of the 230 things Trump has said or done that make him unfit to be President.

The freedoms we enjoy are not guaranteed. Every generation must fight for them or risk losing them. Trump won the election based on a huge body of lies and he has shown since that he is wholly unfit for office. Now, you, the Electors, find yourselves as the last line of defense. Don’t think you don’t have a choice. What do you want to tell your grandchildren about which side of history you were on?