The “Something” Dems should do is to develop some respect for adults, and start listening to normal…
Karyyl Keystone

Karyyl, thank you so much for your thoughtful response. You truly helped me to see something new.

I think any time, as a lawmaker or otherwise, you take away personal freedoms, you are weighing the costs against the benefits. Democrats and Republicans alike should do this carefully, and should not take it lightly when they do so. The rights of women to have abortions, which were validated long ago by the Supreme Court, have been systematically reduced over the last half century by Republican legislatures and executives. This reduction in personal freedoms is at odds with what’s good for society, it’s at odds with freedom, something the GOP claims to protect, and it has been a cynical and deliberate effort to subvert the decision of the highest court in the land, so is effectively an attack on the Constitution. We can talk about car seats, and I’m not saying you’re wrong — but in my opinion there are much bigger issues out there.