Are you Nigerian? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Write On (And Not Just On Your Own Blog)

  1. You Get Paid.
    Look, we’re just going to get straight to the point: Every contributor on The Naked Convos gets paid. No hidden charges. You earn a fee on every post based on how many people viewed it or commented on it and not just on the day we publish it but for the next 25 days after it gets published on the site. You get a dashboard where you can monitor your earnings. For more details on how exactly this works, read from our founder and online editor here.

2. We promote YOU.
Your success is our priority. We aggressively market every post that is published on our site through our social media network, our TNC app and our digital marketing team. We drive conversations and tag influencers on these posts to make sure everyone sees YOU. We do all the hard, running-around work, so that you can focus on writing great content.

3. You get your own page.
You get your own space on our corner of the internet: Thenakedconvos [dot] com [slash] author [slash] YOU. You own it, nobody is sharing it with you, and you can promote your work with it. You’re not just a visitor; you live here now. Welcome to the family

4. Real people, real comments, real engagement.
You know how you write, get published, work hard to promote your post and then the only comment you get is, “nyc one, pls visit my blog”? Not on TNC. We get an average of 40 comments per post, and none of those commenters are spammers. True story.

5. More Money (Life After TNC)
Have you ever read a great story and thought, “Wow, this would be great as a movie.” Well, so have we! In fact, we liked one of the series on our site so much that we adapted all the posts in it into a stage play in 2015 — and the original writers got special recognition (of course!). Also, we took some of the short story submission on the site and put it into our first anthology. So, if you’ve always wanted to see your work on stage, in a book or on screen but don’t have the energy to run around, posting your work on TNC will give you that opportunity.

You can keep on publishing your amazing content on your Blogger or WordPress blog, where only your friends and family will see it, or you can post on The Naked Convos and share your talent with the world!

To become a contributor, all you have to do is visit the submissions page on the TNC website and upload your post. Once your submission is accepted for publishing on the site, you will be sent login details, which grants you access to the admin section for contributors. Through the backend, you can submit subsequent posts, view the performance of your submissions and also monitor your earnings.

For more information and to join the TNC community, please contact:

Instagram: @thenakedconvos
Twitter: @thenakedconvos

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