Basic Income on the March (a month in review)
Scott Santens

I’d like to know how much time and money is currently being absorbed in administrative overhead here in America to manage all of the various social benefit programs and to fight fraud. What are the rough numbers in terms of both total dollar costs, and as a percentage of all distributions? And how many people are employed doing this?

Also, the numbers I’ve seen kicked around by some folks as a “reasonable” base income seem ridiculously low. Something like $1200 per month. I think maybe in the poorest places in the country, perhaps. But it’s almost impossible to rent an apartment for under $1000/mo anywhere these days!

I think the amount needs to be based on individual localities that reflect actual costs, and it gets adjusted annually. I don’t see a one-size-fits-all amount that will work for everybody in the entire country.

I think this “stipend” should cover basic food, shelter, and utilities. Not junk food, a cardboard box and some batteries, something realistic in a given community.

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