Hey David, thanks for the response, I appreciate it.
Jonathan Cottrell

The problem I’m addressing is the huge imbalance between the needs of startup founders and talent available to help with their technical needs — mainly in Phoenix, but nearly everywhere. (This is a constantly recurring theme on FounderDating dot com as well.) Telling those of us with the talent to keep seeking work in the same channels offering diminishing opportunities due to our age isn’t helping anybody, certainly not the startups who need our skills but have no way to hire anybody. What they end up getting in a lot of cases is kids with little if any experience who can work for free because they still live at home with their parents and have nothing else to do with their time.

The topic of capital accessibility for startups also has a lot of hooks into larger conversations at the state and federal levels as well, but that has not stopped y’all from advocating at a local level either, right? ;-)

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