Introducing The Tosa Inu

Most people know about Shiba Inu and Akita dogs, two of the several native Japanese dog breeds.

Yet, there are a few rarer breeds in Japan that the rest of the world knows little about.

One of those breeds is the formidable Tosa Inu, also known as the Japanese Mastiff. Tosas became known during the 19th century and were seen alongside the Samurai.

The Tosa Inu is a mix of several European breeds, including the St. Bernard, Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Great Dane, and English breed, as well as the Akita.

In Japan, the Tosa is called the Samurai dog or the Sumo wrestler of the dog world because of its size and strength. Venerated and loved, a Tosa Inu sent to battle is dressed in the same amount of regalia as a Samurai headed to war.

And with such emphasis placed on this breed’s prowess in a fight, it’s no wonder that the Tosa has found itself in the fighting pits.

The Tosa is a dog that “speaks with its eyes”. He tolerates loneliness well, able to sleep an entire afternoon in his favorite armchair, as well as following you into the countryside for an entire day’s trek. Being a calm and silent dog, the Tosa hardly ever barks and, if he does, it’s often only because he can’t help it. They are at the same time athletic dogs, capable of sprinting and performing, with great style and elegance.

I’m excited about Tosa Inu’s Future

Community Involvement is Key

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