I’ll Just Have Water, Please! :)

By: Whitney Edwards

Good news and good times rarely happen over a toast of water.

We come together and enjoy drinking anything else, like tea, soda, juice, coffee and smoothies. We have fresh water at our fingertips, but why don’t we choose to enjoy and cherish it?A meeting over a glass of water is life.

We are conceived and spend 9 months growing in a sac composed mainly of water. Our bodies are composed of about 70% of water. Our brains are composed of 90% of water. It covers ⅔ of the Earth while only about 1 percent is drinkable!

Water is useful for a number of things including, but, not limited to: Increasing Energy, Relieving Fatigue, Promoting Weight Loss, Improving Skin Complexion, Natural Headache Remedy, Preventing Cramps and Sprains. This pure substance has a ton of benefits.

Take advantage and be nice to yourself — go and enjoy a glass or two, or the recommended 8 per day. You’ll see it do great things to your body and well-being. You deserve the best and nothing less.

Cheers to water and good health.

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