By: Davian Ellis

Everyone knows that us Architects dedicate so much time and effort into our projects.

You all watch us as we take that sad depressing procession up 
those concrete stairs to our workshop, the Spitzer School of Architecture. Everyone knows our major to be very rigorous and time consuming, but at the same time, it is beyond rewarding!

Imagine envisioning a structure made of the finest of stones and this breathtaking landscape, then watching it come to life! This prompted me to show the Towers a little bit of what we actually do in that concrete junction: make magic.

This past October, I had the pleasure of holding The Towers’ very first Architectural Exposition. Here I showcased different drawings and models that my colleagues and residents were more than happy to show. We had models made of concrete, basswood, paper and even recycled materials. This major may be stressful, but you create some beautiful things in the process. To the side, you can see different examples of ideas coming to life.

No dream is too small, especially when you’re an Architect.

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