Our Faces Are Vulnerable

As a video creation and sharing platform, we love making and sharing video. It’s one of the richest most expressive mediums we have, and it’s an incredible way to document the Black Lives Matter revolution that is currently taking place around the world.

However, it can be dangerous to the people in the videos when you post them without considering their identity: both their face and the metadata of the video file. These two things easily reveal people’s identities.

Even if you’re not sharing videos of the protests you’re marching in, it is always important to get people’s permission before…

Try ’em on, see how they look!

Today we’re releasing a major new feature in beta: styles. The same way you can tap a filter and instantly get a look, styles are shortcuts for telling your story the way you want.

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Styles Help You Create Faster

Creating in the style of something is one of the most fun ways to create. It is instant inspiration — a starting point. Styles are a way to direct TRASH’s AI quickly. Want to do a recap style vid? One tap. Actually, let’s make that more of a chronological story video for your Insta? Tap again.

Styles are not necessarily meant to be final results, you…

The first AI-powered music videos

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We’ve been working on a big new feature for independent musicians that we hope will be especially supportive during these times. With live performances currently being canceled we want to help artists make new content and stay connected to their fans. Introducing…

Leveraging TikTok for Growth & How the System Works

Once you have a product, distributing it becomes the next challenge for any entrepreneur. At TRASH (one-tap video editing), we looked to TikTok as a potential marketing channel. As early learnings started to roll in, we decided to share what’s going on inside this exploding and mysterious beast.

First appeared on TechCrunch – Feb 17, 2020
By Hannah Donovan & Geneviève Patterson

Part 1: Leveraging TikTok for growth

The advantage of having a deep tech company that uses AI to help speed the process of editing video is that we can do it for “free.” This is pretty cool when you consider that editing a semi-pro…

The Ghost is Out of The Bag!

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The 2020 Yellow Cohort 👻

Announcing that we’re participating in Snap’s third annual accelerator program, Yellow! We’re one of 10 companies to be accepted, so we’re stoked to be a part of it and learn from the other teams in the cohort and of course, Snap!

Read more about it and the other companies in Techcrunch, Adweek, Tubefilter, L.A. Biz, LA Tech Watch.

The program was launched in 2018 and focuses on companies working in the in-between space of creativity + technology. As Mike Su, the director of the program, put it:

“Building from the momentum of our…

The Story Behind our New Look

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Where We Came From

Like many startups, product direction changes quickly. As we rolled out a private beta in July and then opened it to the public on the App Store in October, we experimented with different branding, UX, copy and all the rest of it as we put our work in front of people and talked to them, trying to put a fine point on these key questions: who exactly is this for and what do we need to change?

The end of 2019 was about coalescence. It was time to take stock of everything and decide…

A Match Made in Heaven for you Angels 😇

Thanks to our friends at GIPHY, you can now mix your favorite GIFs into your TRASH videos with one tap. We’ll take care of the hard work of editing GIFs into your videos making you look like a meme pro.

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Shouts to our partner GIPHY for making your vids more fun 💞

In the CLIPS view, just tap the +GIF button to search for a GIF and add it to your video. So easy :) Here’s how it works:

Breaking down computational filmmaking at TRASH

Our Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Dr. Geneviève Patterson is featured on the Creative Next podcast with Dirk Knemeyer and Jonathan Follett to discuss her work on computational filmmaking at TRASH. Check it out!

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▶️ Apple Podcasts

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“The big goal of our app is both to make it so that users can have an Instagram or Photoshop type feeling about creating beautiful videos, but not having to really understand how editing works.”

She begins by breaking down the processes behind the training models for the AI which enable TRASH to identify what is happening in your videos and then provide you with an edit. The tl;dr is TRASH wants to automate the most labor-intensive aspects of video editing to leave the artistic direction up to the user. …

Put a track on it

Introducing the first pop-up soundtrack tag: #holiday!

If you’re celebrating over this holiday season, we got your music covered for making memories with your friends and fam. When you tap SOUND, you’ll now see holiday music in the app to make videos with. Enjoy! 🎶

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We’re excited to see what you make! Here’s what the holidays look like at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles right now 🎄

In other news, if you haven’t checked out amazing TRASH Angel, Ali Madigan yet — her feature just went up this week on the TRASH MAG. Check it out!

Happy Holidays!
– Ezra & Team TRASH


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