Getting Mentally Ready For A Trip…and 5 Ways to Avoid Travel Anxiety

Ready to let go and fly worry-free?

Have a trip coming up?

Do you tend to get super nervous when the trip is coming up right around the corner?

Do you start to sweat from your palms, and have nightmares?

Perhaps you think of the worst possible situations that could happen before, during and after the trip?

Not to worry. This is actually quite a common thing.

Pre-trip anxiety is a hugely pervasive occurrence and actually takes away from the entire experience of traveling in the first place. Travel is supposed to be a quiet, relaxing and freeing thing.


Preparation is key when it comes to travel.

Not at the last minute. Not several hours before. Not even the night before.

Procrastinating with packing and preparing for a trip is what causes anxiety for a lot of people, and leads to frustrating situations.

The best rule of thumb is to have everything prepared, packed, and ready to go 2–3 days before your trip. All itineraries nice and confirmed, organized, you name it.

Here is a small beginner list for things to make sure and have ready to go before your trip:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Passport
  • Toiletries
  • Luggage
  • Weather-appropriate Clothing
  • International Power Outlet-Converters
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Ibuprofen (for Headaches) & Stomach Relievers
  • And much more!

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Packing Emergency Items

There are certain items that you definitely want to carry with you that may either be hard to get in other countries, or you would rather just want to have in case of emergency at any given time.

Some have been included above, such as First Aid Kits and Ibuprofen, and Stomach Relievers.

However, what else can you bring along to give yourself peace of mind in case of emergencies?

We would recommend also bringing several forms of ID, and keep one in your wallet, one in your bag, in case you lose one. Packing a change of clothes with your carry-on is also a must, along with a toothbrush and any important toiletries you need. Especially when there are delayed/canceled flights, or you get re-routed, calling for a red-eye type of night.

We also recommend, if you haven’t considered it before, to get the passport ID along with the passport booklet. Keep one in your bag and one in your pocket. Just in case you lose your luggage or anything, you are covered. (Either way, you should always carry your passport on your carry on when flying to avoid losing it with your luggage if you check-in a bag.)

Pack Couple Days Before

Packing a couple days before the trip will alleviate much concern and allow you to enjoy the last couple days at home before taking off.

This way, you can spend all your downtime looking at highlights of your destination location, as well as key spots to visit. You can spend time further planning your trip route, desired locations to visit, special events to watch out for, and more.

Also, we would recommend doing a bit of meditation and stress-relief exercises prior to your trip. This will help ease your mind and prepare yourself to go into your trip with a clear mind and an ease-type mentality. Letting things just glide and going with the flow prior to your trip and even while at the airport will put a smile on your face.

Some activities to try could include:

√Yoga (some airports include yoga rooms, like in Chicago Midway’s Airport after the security checkpoint)


√Spiritual Meditiation (solo or in a group)




√Going for a walk


Making Your Plane Experience Amazing

Having a good experience on the plane ride will help you avoid getting irritated right before you even arrive. All it takes is making sure you go in prepared. There is nothing worse than fumbling through your bags and cursing all the way to the gate.

  1. Make sure to pack your ID and Passport in an easy to access location, such as your backpack/carry-on outside pocket.
  2. Ensure that your bags are of the right size (if using a carry-on) and not overweight (either using a traditional luggage scale, but we would recommend this all-in-one luggage including GPS, scale, and more).
  3. Make sure your toiletries are placed in a ziplock bag to make security a breeze.
  4. Pack your laptop in a fluid compartment to be able to quickly draw it out and back in within the security line.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals that you can easily slip in and out of. You don’t want to be the person holding up the line because you have an intricately laced pair of fashionable shoes that take 5 minutes to put on and take off.
  6. Don’t wear too many jackets. This will make it easier, so you don’t have to shed all the layers off prior to passing the scanner.
  7. Go to the airport with empty pockets (with the exception of maybe your cell phone and wallet) to speed up things in the security line. Removing tons of change and random knick-knacks from your pocket is sure to get people staring and call for random passes through the body scanner.
  8. If you could get through security line while only using 2 bins max plus your carry-on (one for laptop, and one for shoes, etc.), you’re winning.
  9. BONUS: If you get TSA-precheck prior to your trip, you will save much more time, as you won’t have to remove your shoes or laptop from your bag.

On-Flight Entertainment

So, you have finally gotten through the gate area and into your seat.

You breathe a sigh of relief…until you realize you forgot to bring a book or some movies to watch. Doh!

Not to worry. Use the following checklist prior to leaving to the airport to make sure your entertainment needs are met.

  1. Charge all of your devices 24–48 hours prior to your departure. Charge your phone and laptop the night before departure.
  2. Consider investing in extra external charging batteries, phone battery case and extra charging cords/outlet hubs for your trip to make your devices last longer.
  3. Purchase and download plenty of music and movies of your liking to your computer or tablet device.
  4. Bring 2 pairs of headphones, just in case you lose one or one stops working.
  5. Bring a magazine or Kindle (or any ebook reader, for that matter) to be able to use during take-off until the airplane has reached 10,000 feet in the sky. (Usually at this time, the cabin crew will announce it is ok to use larger electronic devices, where you can then pull out the tray for use of computers.)

Follow these steps to ensure you have a worry-free, happy-go-getter type of travel experience the next time you are heading anywhere.

Well, we hope this serves as great preparation for so many travelers out there in the world today.

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