There’s No Place Like Home

Where is home for you?

When Dorothy uttered these exact same words in the Wizard of Oz, there was some truth to it. Really.

Even for travelers, we have to admit, having some type of home base is good for the soul.

There must be a place to reset, a place to revive ourselves, a place to literally yell “Clear!” and pump the hell out of our chest in order to resuscitate those things that are truly the most important in our own lives.

Whether that be family, friends, loved ones, even your puppy or kitty cat at home.

Whatever makes you happy, that happiness could be centered around a circumstance, a specific event, location, or a humble abode (even if that mean’s your mom’s/dad’s/grandparent’s place).

So, the biggest thing in life is knowing exactly where that place truly is.

√Is it in your heart?
√Is it in your soul, deeply hidden?
√Is it resting in a specific location in the world? Perhaps a pond or a river that you recall some of your most amazing memories from merely being there and watching the water ripple and tides crash?
√Perhaps, you have a person with whom a small cup of coffee and good conversation is enough to instill love, passion, and motivation like no other?

Only you can know where “home” truly is for you.

It is quite possible, Travel Rebel, that you may have yet to find your true home. Be patient. The time will come.

Don’t let any friends with great aspirations, amazing goals, and treks and journeys ahead to sway you in the direction that is opposite from what you know to be true for you.

Home truly is where the heart is.

What’s stopping you from always returning home?

No matter where your travels may take you…

…what mountains you may climb….

…what skies you soar…

….rivers you paddle in….

….and roads you may traverse….

Never, ever forget where home truly, truly is.

So that you may find yourself again and again….and never lose that place.

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And most importantly, travel far Travel Rebel.

Thank you for reading!

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