“We deserve it”…And Other Reasons Why People Are Traveling Now More Than Ever

It’s curious, isn’t it?

The world comes crashing down in 2008, instilling fear in millions of people, nearly eliminating all sense of security and pride for the average person.

The sense of a booming economy, a bright future, and much more began to fade in the eyes of busy families and folks who were striving to create amazing works of art for industries worldwide.

Yet, out of all the chaos, and the corporate bailouts, the bankruptcies of the likes by financial instiutions such as Lehman Brothers and more, and a wide variety of mass hysteria, riots, lootings, murders, and much more, something good seem to have come.

A large group of millenials and other generational populations are quickly deviating from the material world, and appreciating the world around them in a greater light than ever before.

More and more humanoids are traveling at a higher rate than has been seen for a long time. Much more money is being spent within the travel industry than in the past, versus it being spent on the lastest tech gadgets, overpriced cars that quickly lose value when driven off the lot, or even luxurious homes that banks try to push for the purpose of future liquidity and equity.

America and other countries are seeing a much higher rate of immigrants crossing their borders, in the hopes of discovering other cultures, taking on fledgling career opportunities and bolstering the local economy.

“We deserve it,” millennials proudly prance onwards.

With the rise of the “share economy” and millenials more likely to proclaim “access over ownership”, less money is being spent on ownership nowadays, in order to avoid piling up needless junk that quickly lose value and gather dust in someone’s home or backyard.

This change in mentality nowadays is quickly allowing many more people access to the world around them, and unlocking the kingdom that has always been there.

Now, people can openly discover the seas, the mountains, the jungles, the cities, the countryside, and even deserts, from any continent, at any time, to their liking.

With the rise of social media, GPS navigation, technology, geo-tagging and check-ins, travel insurance accessibility, security options, and even more rigorous airport security and screenings, travelers are feeling safer and safer by the way.

Sure there have been unfortunate occurrences in the recent past, such as in Paris just this past November, people are still willing to travel freely, and use their best common sense judgment and be as safe as possible while traversing.

With the rise on online marketing, and remote work opportunities, millenials are also taking this advantage to work and play, while traveling across the globe, making a decent living, paying off student loans, and saving up for their future purchases/investments or just travel more long term with all of their savings. This allows for much more work/life balance and the freedom to learn about multiple cultures at the same time.

Finally, a sense of purpose and mission has set the hearts on fire for millions of people worldwide. Curious minds the world over are open to creating change while traveling, giving back to the world in big ways. Whether this be through job creation, outsourcing, charity work, and more, the hungry and passionate trekker have hearts so big, they will be chanting “because we deserve it and so do they.”

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