This article is a wrap-up of the Winding Tree Hackathon that took place in Lisbon in July 2019. Winding Tree is a solution for travel distribution leveraging the Ethereum blockchain.

I take the opportunity to share my thoughts and review the main issues that were raised in my previous article

On September 14th 2019, the European directive on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is entering into force, generating unique challenges for the airline indirect distribution model.

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What is SCA and what does it mean for my business?

An overview of SCA

The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is one of the requirement of the European Directive EU 2015/2366 on Payment Services (PSD2), aiming at increasing the security…

When it comes to digital, most travel companies think they have done a great job when they have a website and a mobile app. This is not enough.

In this article I will explain how travel companies can take advantage of the recent developments in technologies such as Chatbots, Machine…

The Airline industry is fascinating for the collaboration that can happen between Airlines. Even when they are in fierce competition, many airlines are willing to work together if this can help to cut down the costs.

In the early 80’s many travel agencies were still relying on flights listing and…

Editor Note: This story was originally published on January 20th, 2018. Since then, the Winding Tree project has progressed significantly and published official tutorials on This tutorial and its conclusions are mostly outdated, the story is kept only for reference.

There is one project that really caught my eye…

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When following the tutorial of a new programming language, programmers are familiar with this simple yet outstanding output:

Hello World!

This is in general the point of the beginning of your travel. You took the time to investigate a technology, and found it useful for you. You wrapped your head…

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