Don’t Label Me

Tags make it easy for us to identify stuff. With people, it is easier to sum up a person based on already existing labels from their past failures or successes, their current realities or certain traits. In truth, these labels do less in giving a true picture of a person’s totality. At best, they reduce people to a singular act or experience, which in turn become limiting prison walls or lenses through which every move is defined or interpreted. Humans are quick to label what they don’t like or understand. For many, it is natural to run others down so they can feel good about themselves.

Sadly, the hardest labels to shake off are often those that come from our moments of weakness, our past shortcomings, addictions, and sometimes, even honest mistakes. Addict, Single parent, Baby Mama, Divorced mother of four, runs girl, yahoo boy etc. But do these define the totality of a life? Is that all a person really is?

What really then rates the totality of a man’s life?

Let’s look at the example Jesus Christ set when he came down here on earth. When Christ came down, he broke through the exterior of our flawed humanity. He looked beyond titles and labels: Adulterer, Corrupt tax collector, Leper, Sinner… Christ saw people as the maker saw them – Flawed, but worthy. He looked beyond the labels into the true worth of every soul.

Christ, through his love, fixed the broken narrative of many people he met. He touched people’s histories and turned their lives around for good. Today, through Christ, God offers us a new identity, a priceless name tag, one that shakes the world today. In his love, he calls us His sons, His very own.

When we embrace Christ and believe what He says about us, we become completely new creatures. We are no longer our past, we are not our struggles, we are not our mistakes, we are not our experiences, we are not our addictions, we are the image of God in Christ now fully revealed, redeemed and restored.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, all things become new” – 1 Corinthians 5:17

In God's eyes, you are not weird. You are unique. You are not eccentric, you’re a beautiful enigma. You are not complicated, you’re a well-crafted piece of art. Old, man-made labels have nothing on you. Christ has come to the rescue and you are free. Accept this freedom in Christ and live above the labels.


Posted by Ferdy Adimefe

Ferdy Adimefe is a serial entrepreneur passionate about culture and creative industrialization. He curates expressions centered on faith, innovation and technology. He is a Father, Husband, Author and conference speaker; He is also a Pastor at The Tribe Lagos.

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