Getting Personal With Jesus — Mary’s little Prayer Guide.

Jesus had real friends when he was on earth and in these relationships He reflected His humanness even as he projected the Heart of His Father towards Humanity. John 11 detailed the story of the Death of Lazarus, the brother to Mary and Martha, Jesus’ close friends. His reaction to both Martha and Mary’s grief showed the depth of relationship He had with both.

John 11:21–27

When Martha heard that Jesus was in town she ran to him and it seemed they had an intellectual/spiritual conversation on the matter and she went back home but Mary who was supposed to be closer to Jesus, hanging on to His every word was so broken that until He requested for her, she did not go to him. There was no excitement, no need. Her brother was dead.

Mary got to where Jesus was and dropped down at his feet sobbing and right there in the heat of the pain of her loss, she blamed Jesus for not showing up on time. It seemed that her trust in him was a waste, their closeness at this point of pain didn’t make sense and she was not afraid to show him her brokenness and disappointment at him for not coming through when she needed him the most. With Mary there was no intellectual discussion, no packaging of her emotions. She gave it to Jesus raw.

Though Jesus had a plan that Mary was unaware of, He was deeply moved by her sincerity, even to tears. Her pain, in that moment, was his pain and it was at that point He asked to be shown the tomb. It was at this point that He moved to perform the miracle of giving life to what was once dead and decaying, putrid and offensive to human senses.

Like Mary and Martha life throws us dead situations and though God has a plan of redemption for our situation, He likes us to get him involved. He’s not unaware of our pain and whether we know it or not, it’s all going to work out for our good but it’s okay to be plain, honest and sincere with God about how you feel going through the motions. Mary’s openness and genuineness today would be a prayer void of fanciness and bogus theatrics, she spoke to Jesus as a friend and this moved Jesus to action.

God knows how you feel but can you voice it to Him? Let Him know you’re not okay with your situation. It seems you waited on Him for so long and He just didn’t come in on time. Be honest with God about your pain, your struggle to stand in Him in the face of your challenges. Believe me, He understands and would like to get involved in your process of healing even as He’s working that situation out for your good. It doesn’t take much, you need no special ceremony, just open your mouth and voice it, say it as it is and let God take it up from there.

Written by Tonye Solomon

Tonye is simple, creative and multi-talented. She is a Real estate consultant by day and a writer, content creator, wig and jewelry maker, skills acquisition trainer, small business support consultant by night. She is a mother of two and a lover of God. She writes sometimes, mostly about God, life, love and healing.

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