Modern day shaman
Priest of the impossible
Cultivate compassion for a cynical world

With your laptop and begging bowl
among the wreckage of the hearts that bleed cleverness
but which have lost touch with awe

Feel keenly the sweet ache of having been
spat out by the mundane world

Is not a word for you anymore
You knew that coming in
And you will know it going out

When that time arrives.

When you wish to wander…
… walking again the worlds beyond this one…

When it hurts to wear this flesh.

Though your love seems not to matter.

This world is not yours
Though you have accepted the gift of flesh and bone
sinew and heartbeat 
a name
a part to play… many parts, many roles, in fact…
Though the mask chafes, Stay.

Keep breathing in and out the dream of what you know

Keep living that breath

Keep dreaming and revealing the dream.

In the cities and in the suburbs
Along rivers and roads
The truth is traveling

Illusion unraveling.

~ Adam 

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