The Anti-Aging Checklist

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Aging is the cumulative result of internal and external damage. Years of sun worship, eating delicious foods, and not giving more than a passing thought to your physical and mental health can speed up the aging process dramatically.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can create the effects of anti-aging, and then apply the breaks. It won’t happen overnight, but if you stick to an anti-aging regime, you’ll see results sooner than you think.

But it’s not just about what you see. Committing to an anti-aging regime will also affect how you embrace the life and handle everyday stressors. In other words, you will improve your quality of life just by being more mindful of how you’re living it.

Below, we’re sharing 9 things you can do every week to reverse the signs of aging from the inside out. Say goodbye to wrinkles, mental fogginess, and age-related illnesses. Say hello to a vibrant you that’s wiser, stronger, and maybe even healthier than you were at 20. Let’s get started!

Think Anti-Aging

Your brain is an organ that behaves like a muscle. It can grow stronger and more agile through mental exercises.

Every week, you should be challenging your brain in some way. Too often we forget to exercise our brains. Many people spend their day operating on auto-pilot. Once you’ve learned a skill, you don’t have to put much effort into performing it.

But, if you spend at least an hour a day learning something new, it can boost your brain functionality and ward off age-related brain disorders, like dementia.

Try this:

Learn to play an instrument
Draw a map from memory
Do a 10-minute session of mental math at least once a day

Take this:
Don’t forget to supplement your brain exercises with NIAGEN® by Nectar7 which not only supports brain health but also improves metabolism. Which brings us to the next point:

Eat whole foods

When it comes to aging, the role of nutrition cannot be over-emphasized. Science suggests that between 80% and 90% of diseases start in the gut. What you eat (and don’t eat) can cause you to develop diseases that age you before your time and rob you of living a good life.

But, on the flip side, the foods you eat (and the foods you avoid) can restore power to your favor.

Always go for whole foods. A diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It can also reverse the visible signs of aging.

What are whole foods? It’s not just the name of a grocery store. It’s any type of food that’s left in its natural state, as much as possible. That means minimal processing, and it excludes over half of the food you’ll find on the shelves of your local grocery.

In fact, whole foods are usually of the periphery of the grocery store — the fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, and the fresh meats. Avoid any foods with additives and preservatives.

Some people may choose to avoid grains altogether. Genetically modified grains have been known to cause inflammation, which leads to a host of autoimmune diseases. If you’re sensitive to grains, speak with your doctor before adding any whole grains to your diet.

Whole foods are easy to find, but it can be difficult to let go of sugary goodness. When you’re tempted, think about this:

Avoid Sugar and Simple Carbs

This one is a real eye-opener for most people.

You probably already know that sugar isn’t good for your health, but did you know that sugar can actually affect your collagen stores?

That’s right, sugar causes wrinkles.

And it’s not just sugar, either. It’s any type of high-glycemic carbohydrate, such as breads, desserts, potatoes, and many other starches, that can rob the skin of elasticity over time.

It does so through a process known as glycation. In glycation, excess sugar molecules can bind to collagen fibers, and create those tell-tale sag lines.

Eat Fish

This one deserves it’s own special category. Fish, especially of the wild caught variety, provide essential fats that keep you looking, performing, and feeling younger.

Once a week (at least), include salmon, halibut, anchovies, sardines, trout, or tuna to your menu rotation. These all provide omega-3 fatty acids that boost brain performance and other key antioxidants that ward off disease.

Drink More Water and Wine

Contrary to popular belief, you may not need eight 8 oz glasses of water every day. Simply drink until you’re satisfied, and don’t substitute other beverages (no matter how clear) for water.

It’s also a good idea to drink a glass of wine every night. The oft-celebrated compound of resveratrol contains key antioxidants that will improve heart health.

Drink More Tea

Green, white, red — you can’t go wrong with most any tea you can buy from the grocery store. Teas have polyphenols that can reverse the harming effects of free radicals that otherwise roam unchecked in your body.

Here are a few ways that tea benefits you and resists aging:

  • Tea reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Tea also lowers the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease
  • Tea protects the body from UV radiation

Avoid the temptation to sweeten your tea with sugar. As mentioned earlier, sugar doesn’t do you any favors. But, if you like your tea on the sweet side, opt for raw honey with pollen (sourced from a local company to take advantage of its health-boosting benefits).

Take Your Vitamins

This is one of the most important daily rituals you can do to keep your body in top form.

Every day, supplement your whole food regime with a multivitamin that can fill in any gaps you’re lacking from diet alone.

Take Care of Your Skin

Avoid overusing harsh soaps that can strip away all of the natural oils from your skin. These oils help to keep your skin more youthful and flexible.

Opt for a gentle cleanse and follow these 7 skin care techniques for looking younger.

Avoid Stress Like the Plague

Not all stress is bad, but most stress isn’t good. The good type of stress is through mental and physical exercise that pushes your brain and body to improve. The bad stress is worry, anxiety, and self-doubt. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, or even the next minute. So while you should plan to live forever, remember to enjoy the moment.

The best way to do this is by curating a positive outlook and attitude.

Refuse to be negative in your daily life. A mental shift can cause a universal shift to take place, and you’ll be happier (and life will be better) because you choose to be.