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As a developer or UI/UX designer, chances are you’ll experience designer’s block when embarking on a new project at least once in four attempts. When this happens, confusion sets in. You can’t really decide what exact section should hold your buttons, whether to place the contact form on just the contact page or all the pages, how should my elements be viewed on a small screen or you really just want a never before seen Navbar response. This period can be overwhelming, and for the feeble-minded, an excuse to drop the project entirely. Well, have no fear because Captain Dev is here.

I’ll be giving you a list of 18 popular websites, including my Pinterest, where you can draw some design inspiration from. So sit tight, hold on to your device, and enjoy.


Calltoidea is literally a ‘call to design ideas,’ and just a look at its landing page draws you to closer and closer to finding that spark. If you are a UI/UX designer short of some design inspiration or a graphics designer with some expert aid, then this is just the site for you.

Features: Mock-ups, Icons, Vectors, Textures, Web Templates, and Graphics.

Ease of use: 80%;

Commerce Cream

Looking for some dope e-commerce design that leaves users staring like they just set eyes on their soulmates, this is the site for you. It curates the best of Shopify and has the most fantastic e-commerce collections. Click here to see for yourself!

Features: E-commerce website templates, Graphics, Brand Designs.

Ease of Use: 85%;

Admire the Web

With thousands of templates, Admire the Web is another website that houses website templates that makes you ask questions(good questions tho).

Features: Website Templates, WordPress Themes, Blogs/Magazines

Ease of Use: 50%;


If you are a mobile app developer, I beg you in the name of whatever you hold dear to check out This website housed tons of web application designs and elaborates on its details, be it the calendar or tab bars. Any web application design or inspiration you would need can be found on this website, and it gives you a feel of what exactly your design should look like on a literal mobile screen. All you need do is select and code away.

Features: Web application Templates.

Ease of Use: 60%;

Template Monster

Don’t worry, they don’t have scary templates from the House of Transylvania. Instead, they have an extensive collection of almost any WordPress template you might need, but it’s not for free. It holds over 2000+ themes and gives you an opportunity to preview and download the themes. Click here to see for yourself!

Features: WordPress Themes

Ease of Use: 80%;

Brutalist Website Product Page

This does not only help web designers as it gives product designers a platform to get ideas on how best to represent products. Basically, it makes a friend of web designers and graphic designers, so if you always seem to fight tooth and nail with the product designer in your office, you both can visit this site to select the type of relationship you want to have.

Features: Website Mock-ups

Ease of Use: 85%;


Ever tried designing for brands and thought about how it should look? Then you must check out It has plain simple designs that finessed its way into bomb-ass websites.

Features: Particularly Brand Web Templates

Ease of Use: 50%;

CSS Nectar

Do you sometimes feel like there’s something you can not achieve with CSS, well that mindset is about to be erased with the jaw-dropping templates on Check it out for literally the best portfolio and business themes that can be coded or installed.

Features: Website Themes, Ecommerce, Blogs/Magazines

Ease of Use: 75%;


As the name implies, it houses beautiful award-winning website designs. It is easily navigable and has all of its menus and categories clearly defined. In fact, there is no inspiration you would need that you can not draw from it. Awwards is a winner for me.

Features: Mock-ups, Website Themes of numerous Categories

Ease of Use: 95%;


Dribble is a hub of creative works and the home for designers. See it this way; you have some designer’s block and you go to dribble, you check for designs that might inspire you, you still feel you are yet to find them, then you talk to other designers. It features some of the best mock-ups and fonts

Features: Animation, Branding, Illustration, Mobile Print, Product Design, Typography, Web Design

Ease of Use: 90%;


Well, it for sure is the most organized forest I have ever seen. It is like the Amazon of website Themes. Getting the full functionalities of its WordPress themes won’t come free, but it might just hold what you are looking for. If you are not working with WordPress, you can preview the themes to see how they work and kind of replicate some features using codes. I got my first e-commerce theme from Theme Forest, and it had perfect synergy with the woo-commerce plugin.

Features: WordPress themes, HTML Websites, CMS, eCommerce, Muse, UI/UX Templates, Plugins, Logos.

Ease of use: 85%;


This is a UI/UX hub. Behance features the best project from its curators. It has the best of every first-hand design piece ranging from Graphics Design to photography. I almost always find myself surfing through Behance when I am bored to feed my eyes and possibly spark some ideas for my next project.

Features: Photography, Graphics Design, Product Design, Fine Arts and Crafts, Creative Challenges, Motion Graphics.

Ease of Use: 85%;

Web Design Inspiration

It is a showcase of the best web design inspirations. New creative ideas are published on Webdesign Inspiration every day.

Features: Website Designs, Ecommerce, Magazines / Blogs, Mobile apps, Product Web service

Ease of use: 80%;

Site Inspire

With a carousel of its latest showcase, Site Inspire is definitely the newsroom of the most exceptional web and interactive designs. UI/UX and Web Designers would love this site.

Features: Website Designs, Animations, and Illustrations, Fonts

Ease of use: 90%;

Webflow Showcase

Webflow gives out web design inspiration like Halloween candy and also allows you to design your own website on the fly.

Features: Website Designs, CMS and eCommerce, Illustrations

Ease of Use: 83%;


I know some of you may be thinking “How does Pinterest help with Web Design Inspiration?” Well, I’m here to say it may be one of the largest collections for Web Design Inspiration there are! You can get a great example of how versed Pinterest is by clicking here!


Pages gives you a hands-on full-screen view of what your website or web application should look like. It focuses on the mobile responsiveness of the design.

Features: Web Application, Product Designs, Landing Pages

Ease of Use: 87%;

The thought of your work not being original might cross your mind, but you’ll have to remember that there is nothing wrong with sourcing for design inspiration. You don’t have to copy an entire work. You can tweak some features such as colors, navigation, or graphics a little. See it as using an insane Praline sundae topping instead of the Chocolate topping used on Ptrrn or maybe you already have ice cream but can’t decide on what exact topping, this list gives you a variety that would fit your fantasy.

If you see any that I missed, please let me know and I will update it!

You can also find lots of Web Design examples on my Pinterest by clicking here!

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