You Didn’t Vote for Trump? Yeah You Did.

It seems there are a whole lot of people who “didn’t vote for Donald Trump”, and want others to know about it. My assumption is they find Trump to be beyond the norms of decency, and obviously, he is. I applaud those who took that stand in 2016, and did not vote for…


Believe me though, for I know what the other conversation is like as well. The one you have when you’re not with someone like me. When you’re sitting around with conservative-types you agree with on other matters. When you say, “There’s no way I could vote for her. NO WAY! She’s a crook!” 

But hey, you didn’t vote for Trump. So that’s something. Right? 

Wrong. Way fucking wrong.

Not voting for Trump is literally the least a person with a conscience could do when it came to electing the 45th President of the United States, so don’t think doing so little absolves you. It does not.

The likelihood is you voted for other candidates, be it George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, or countless others in local and state elections. Maybe a Chris Christie in New Jersey, a Rudy Giuliani in New York City or a Pat McCrory in North Carolina. You thought those candidates were fine; that they were regular politicians who represented your interests. 

Well let me tell you straight: they don’t represent my interests, and are in fact, part of the machine which created Donald Trump. They are the candidates who have lied countless times to create an environment which made Hillary Clinton “unethical”, and “a liar”, and any other negative word you can conjure up. Part of the machine which made Trump more acceptable than her.

These “establishment” Republicans represent the worst of the worst, and in moving so far to the right they created the anger which enabled Trump to get elected. These Republicans who are so willing to lie and distort about nearly everything and anything, but in the end were just not willing to go as far as Trump did to get the vote. At some point they may have felt there was a line one shouldn’t cross, and they didn’t. But of course, Trump went well beyond it. I’m guessing someone else will too. He has normalized it, like it or not. 

Don’t think for a second that you not voting for Trump somehow exonerates you from the Trump presidency. For if you had a hand in voting for ANY of these unethical candidates, you in fact DID vote for Trump.

Do not forget when those words, “I didn’t vote for him” leave your lips. Because you did. 

You bought the wood, the nails, the hammer, and the rest. You erected the platform for a Trump presidency to stand upon.

You didn’t pull the lever, or push the button on the first Tuesday in November, but sure as hell voted for him.

And I sure as hell won’t let you forget it.

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