First off, let’s get this out of the way — I’m a huge fan of Sondre Lerche! He has a new album out and I absolutely love it! I stumbled upon his new music video for Serenading in the Trenches and OMG, it was hot…

Before I go on, I wanna share a pic of Sondre and me from 2011. Look at how cute we were! Oh I miss that cute face and that one nipple that would always peek out to say hello. The photo doesn’t really do us justice — it was dark and smoky at Urban Lounge that night. Also, camera phones sucked in 2011…

I was introduced to Sondre’s music way back in 2003, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Sometime during the last 14 years I developed a little crush on the Norwegian singer/songwriter. Something about his poetic brilliance, his smooth crooning, his experimental music, and his pretty face has left me swooning for years. You can imagine my excitement when I saw his new gay-themed music video.

Sondre has a new video out for his song Serenading in the Trenches, and oh my God — it’s hot… It’s got homoerotic imagery, plenty of sexual tension, and some delicious, cute bald dude (can someone please find out who that dude is?!) Don’t take my word for any of this though… Watch it here, or just scroll down to see some of the yummy photos from the video. You can thank me in the comments.

Want more Sondre Lerche? Check out his website or his facebook. Have you heard of him before?Do you have a favorite song of his? Tell me in the comments below.


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