Oh Brazil, I envy you. You’re going to have the first adult amusement park in the world in 2018, and I want a season pass. With attractions like bumper cars shaped like genitalia, a nudist pool, and a 7D cinema with vibrating seats, who wouldn’t want to go? Hold up though, what on Earth is a 7D cinema?? That’s a lot of D’s for just one sitting! I hope those vibrating chairs aren’t made out of cloth.


The park will also erect a ‘sex playground’ complete with a water slide, an ambiguously named ‘train of pleasure’, an erotic sculpture park, and a sex shop, because, duh. Beyond all of this naughty fun, the park will also aim to be educational and to promote healthy attitudes towards sex. There will be a museum dedicated to the history of sexuality, which actually sounds pretty awesome! The park will also have education spots promoting safe sex practices…. But remember, the first rule of Erotikaland: no doing “it” in the park.



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