As protests erupted across the US and then the world in response to George Floyd’s murder by a police officer kneeling on his neck, I, like many other white people, found ourselves swimming in tears and experiencing raw emotion and rage we didn’t realize we had been repressing since the Ferguson uprisings.

As the George Floyd protests intensified and footage of the government’s response to peaceful but angered protestors and reporters went viral on social media, many of us anguished watching the violence against our fellow Americans, against the young protestors, against Americans demanding justice for legitimate state sponsored violence against its people. …

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Doesn’t it feel like we’ve lived lifetimes in just a matter of weeks?

Well just for fun, let’s think back to not so long ago (like last week) when you were up to your eyeballs in To Do Lists: work projects, home projects, kids to pick up and deliver to after-school hobbies, groceries to get, loved ones to care for, chores to do and relationships to try to maintain on top of taking care of your SELF. Those were dizzying times but THAT was our normal.

This is different.

This is shock and awe. This is fear and knee-jerk reactions. …

job well done man in chair Photo Credit: Ali Yahya on Unsplash
job well done man in chair Photo Credit: Ali Yahya on Unsplash

There has never been a better time in history to be an Instructional Designer.

For decades we have been largely misunderstood on corporate HR training teams or wedged into an IT team in some small university.

“What do you do?” was always a complicated question at networking events. It would always inevitably go something like this:

“Well, I design online training and educational courses in the private sector and higher education. If you’re ever taken a self-guided training, say on IT Security, Compliance or Sexual Harassment or something like that, then you know my work.”

“Ah huhhh…okay. Like those self-moving trainings I have to take at work that quiz you at the end? …

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